Series 9 Cassette 92B replacement head black. For Series 9.

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Braun recommends changing your shaver’s foil & cutter block every 18 months to maintain your shaver’s maximum performance. For a perfect shave every day.

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Your Location:Detroit MI USA

23 Jan, 2020

Poor head durability and terrible value

I wish that I had read a review of the replacements prior to purchasing, as the replacement heads are only good for about 4-6 months and cost $50USD. This means that, if I keep this Series 9 as long as I did my previous Braun, that I will have $1,000 invested in replacement heads! Even the 18-month period mentioned in the description is much more often than my previous Braun.I'll put one more head on this Series 9 and then throw it in a drawer as a backup, to be replaced by a Panasonic.

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Your Location:Golden, Co

17 Jan, 2020

Needs $80 replacement head every 4 months

The series 9000 uses a 92S cassette foil cutter. It breaks every 4 months. I thought it was just me but read all the other reviews. They may have good German engineering on the motor but this shaver is going to cost a lot of money to operate.

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Your Location:Orlando, FL

8 Jan, 2020

The cassette replacement only lasts 4 to 6 months

It's interesting that the head replacement is promoted as not needing to be replaced for up to 18 months. I consistently find the head will only last 6 months (at the most) before the screen starts to break apart. I am on my fourth replacement, so this seems to be the actual life span and each replacement is obscenely expensive. It's an annoyance to an otherwise great product experience (for the shaver).

Yes, I recommend this product !

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Your Location:Gainesville, VAo

4 Dec, 2019

Poor choice, do not buy!

I have a 9000 series razor, that works fine. However, the replacement cutter is very poor. It does not last anywhere near the 18 months. I get about 3 maybe 4 months out of it. Replacement cost of $50 is excessive for 4 months.

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Your Location:21117

2 Dec, 2019

Poor Quality

I purchased this razor for my husband less than 6 months ago and he is having problems with the blade! Braun needs to correct this problem or send out a recall for them all with a full refund! This is unsuitable and disgraceful!

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