Series 7 Cassette 70S replacement head silver. For Series 7, Pulsonic.

(90)1.73 / 514% recommended

Braun recommends changing your shaver’s foil & cutter block every 18 months to maintain your shaver’s maximum performance. For a perfect shave every day.

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Your Location:Sun City, AZ

14 April, 2020

Replacement blades and screen where defective.

Sorry that a wonderful company has gone downhill so badly.

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Your Location:Longview, TX

19 Feb, 2020

First cutter excellent!! Replacements not so good

I've never had a blade cut as well as my Series 7 when I got it in July 2014! No irritation or burning skin, redness. After my 2nd replacement head the shave was not nearly as good. Not at all. The quality changed and certainly NOT for the better. Many people I recommended buy the 7S may not be happy. My friend recommended I buy my unit and I was ecstatic until the last two cutters. I'm sorry but I can no longer recommend Braun products and don't want to waste my money on a 6th cutter.

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Your Location:Visalia Ca.

14 Feb, 2020

replacement blades say "made in china"

replacement blades are joke!!!!!! why would braun risk selling such junk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Your Location:New York

5 Feb, 2020

Last 3 months max

Promised it would last 18 months, mine lasts 3 months max, at which time I'm shaving for 4 times longer than a new cassette. What a rip-off. Next shave I buy, I'll be closely looking at the cassette replacement costs, this is a complete money spinner for Braun.

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Your Location:Tucson, Az.

2 Dec, 2019

Braun Series needs better engineering.

I have used battery operated razors for nearly 50 years. They allowing me to shave on my way to work. I switched and tried 'BRAUN' to determine whether a new shaver would be better.My conclusion is: The shave takes a lot longer then previous razors. There is no audible alarm to let you know the battery is running low. There is an LED screen which is hard to read when shaving. Learned the hard way that the razor does not catch the shaved beard. The shavings get all over my suit.

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