Series 5 Foil and Cutter 51S replacement pack silver. For Series 5 (older generation), ContourPro, 360°, Complete, Activator.

(7)2.29 / 528% recommended

Braun recommends changing your shaver’s foil & cutter block every 18 months to maintain your shaver’s maximum performance. For a perfect shave every day.

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Your Location:Bedford, PA

27 July, 2019

Great Product

a long time customer most of my Life I used Braun Products

Yes, I recommend this product !

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Your Location:Argentina

18 Feb, 2019


This Shaver is excellent I have had the 8995 for about 7 years now. Bought a philips and didn't like it, returned to Braun, to my old 360°, sold the philips with only 6 months of use.
I have thick beard and the replacements last almost 18 month. If you are getting less than 8 months, you surely bought a counterfeit replacement, there are a lot, at e-bay mostly. I had the same experience, bought one from a Korea reseller, lasted only 6 months the foil, and the cutter about 8 months. I used the cutter with an old foil I kept just in case. The only bad thing about this replacements is that they are becoming scarce, and the price is a bit high. Tempeted to get a series 9 beast.

Yes, I recommend this product !

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Your Location:Renton, WA

4 Feb, 2019

These replacement foils/cutting blocks suck!

Something is terribly wrong with these replacement foil/cutter blocks! The original foil/cutter block that came with my new shaver lasted over 18 months. I’ve now replaced the foil/cutter blocks 5 times. They only last about 3 months before the cutter block becomes dull and won’t shave. The foils are unworn with no damaged. This last one that I replaced yesterday is so dull, right out the package, that it’s pulling hairs from my beard and won’t shave. Here are the installation dates of the last 4 foil/cutter blocks: 02-02-19, 10-28-18, 07-31-18, and 04-18-18.

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Your Location:California

1 Dec, 2018

Another Lost Customer

I wanted to ask for a new electric shaver this holiday season, and was looking forward to improved quality in a newer Series 7. My legacy Series 5 used to work wonders and blades would last well over 12 months. However, after recently replacing multiple sets of these blades with an average of about 5 weeks of use on each set, I cannot even ask for a new Braun shaver as a gift (a free item) in good conscience knowing that I would be supporting such poor business practices. This company had many chances to rectify the quality control issues they are currently experiencing. The issues are a result of low quality materials in the new parts which degrade very quickly after initial use.

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Your Location:Phoenix, AZ, USA

20 May, 2013

Cheap and Painful

This Braun series 3 is the worst razor I've ever purchased. I had switched to Braun almost 20 years ago because of the QUALITY - despite it being more expensive than all the others. This razor will pull and snag constantly, lord forbid you miss one day of shaving. Miss 2 days, you better have a different razor to shave with. Sorry Braun, you left a bad taste in my mouth and I will never purchase another product (even coffee maker) from you again. You will lose many customers by going cheap.

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