Series 5 Foil and Cutter 52S replacement pack silver. For Series 5 (new generation).

(8)1.75 / 512% recommended

Braun recommends changing your shaver’s foil & cutter block every 18 months to maintain your shaver’s maximum performance. For a perfect shave every day.

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Your Location:Cocoa Beach, FL

17 Oct, 2020

Very disappointing

I have been using electric razors for about 15 years, since my wife bought one for fathers's day. I always wanted a Braun, thinking it is a better product - finally got one last Christmas. In the ensuing 10 months, I have had two foil cutters break/tear, cut my face. Hardly the recommended 18 months each. Hard to find anyone to talk to. Replacements are too expensive. Went back to my Norelco of 15 years. It provides a closer shave and a more gentle one. I am very disappointed.

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Braun Team

Review response:

This is hardly the experience we expect you to have as we maintain only the highest standards for our Series 5 52S Foil and Cutters. We want to get you that close and comfortable shave that you have wanted all these years. For best results, try holding the shaver at a 90-degree angle and stretch your skin and shave against the growth of your hair. Reports like yours are something we take quite seriously. Give us a call at 800-272-8611 so that we can learn more.

19 Oct, 2020


Your Location:Vancouver, CA

22 Feb, 2020


Very annoying that there are multiple replacement foil and cutters for the series 5 shaver. I’m about to throw a 51s replacement foil in the garbage because it is so difficult to parse our exactly which foil to purchase. If anyone at the Braun company thinks they are running an environmentally friendly company , they are delusional. Simplify your product line and clearly delineate your model series. A Seried 51s foil doesn’t fit a 5140s shaver? Ridiculous!

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Your Location:Tampa, FL

16 Aug, 2019

The Cadillac of razors!

If you want the best, this is it. Don't be fooled by other lower priced razors, Braun is in a league by themselves. I've had one for almost 20 years, I'll never go back to a blade

Yes, I recommend this product !

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Paul s

Your Location:Ocala Fl

21 Sep, 2018

Replacement cassette only lasted six months

I have a series 5 that did an amazing job for the first 18 months. When I replaced the cassette which included the foil and cutter head in one cartridge it lasted only six months. I am hesitant to buy another cartridge because of the difference in quality between original and replacement. Is there a way to buy the original cassette?

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Response from Braun

Review response:

Paul, we'd hope for nothing but the highest quality from us with every single purchase so we're very sorry to hear about this. We do want to let you know that a Braun shaver foil and cutter should last up to 18 months, depending on your shaving method, beard type and how well and often you clean it. To get the most uses, always hold your shaver at a 90 degree angle and regularly clean and oil it with light machine oil. If you have a thicker beard, you may be shaving longer each day which can reduce the lifetime of the foil. If you'd like to share more with us, we're always here to help. Simply give us a call at (800) 272-8611.<!--[if ReviewResponse]><![endif]-->

21 Sep, 2018


Your Location:Vancouver, wa

7 Sep, 2018

Replacement head does not fit

I have a Braun series 5. I purchased the replacement head which states that it is for a Braun series 5, but it is not compatible. The blade insert is not the same attachment and the foil head is too small to fit. I’ve only owned the razor for 2 years. Has the model changed so much that the replacements no longer fit my razor?

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The Braun Team

Review response:

We're sorry for the confusion! Our 52S Combipack is compatible with our 50xx models. For example, our 5090CC, 5070CC, 5050CC, 5040S, 5030S shavers will require this foil and cutterblock.

14 Sep, 2018