Braun FaceSpa 851 3-in-1 facial epilating, cleansing & vitalization system with 5 extras.

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Braun Face. World's first facial epilator & cleansing brush system. Treat your face to flawless radiance.



Slim epilator head

Slim epilator head for ultimate precision

The sleek and compact design of the Braun Face lets you handle it like a mascara for absolute control and precision. It removes hairs from the root for up to 4 weeks of hairfree skin. So gentle, you’re done before you know it. The extra slim head has 10 micro-openings that gently capture even finest hairs down to 0,02 mm.

10 micro-openings

10 micro-openings capture finest hairs (0,02mm)

So gentle, you’re done before you know it. The extra slim head has 10 micro-openings that gently capture even finest hairs down to 0,02 mm.

Faster than ordinary methods (e.g. manual tweezer)

The Braun Face removes hairs from the root for up to 4 weeks of hairfree skin. And with 200 plucking motions per second it is much more thorough and considerably faster than a manual tweezer.

For chin, upper lip, forehead, and to maintain eyebrows

Sonic facial brush

Cleanse your skin pore deep with the facial brush. Gently restore amazing purity and glow of your facial skin by removing make-up and impurities, 6x better than by hand. Braun Face not only refreshes the glow and radiance of your facial skin. It also helps your creams and moisturizers to work better.

Facial cleansing brush

Refines and exfoliates with hundreds of micro-oscillations

With hundreds of micro-oscillations, the Braun Face cleansing brush works 6x better than manual cleansing, and gently exfoliates and refines your skin.


Wet & Dry

Wet & Dry. Make pore deep cleansing part of your shower routine

Because the Braun Face brush is 100% waterproof, you can make gentle and thorough cleansing a natural part of your shower routine. It has been tested with dermatologists and is suitable for daily use, even on sensitive skin.

Protective cap color




Replaceable battery

Replaceable battery

What's in the box

Braun FaceSpa facial epilator

Braun FaceSpa facial epilator

Cleansing head for Braun Face facial epilator

Cleansing brush head

 Exfoliation brush for Braun Face

Exfoliation brush

 Beauty sponge for Braun Face

Beauty sponge

Braun Face protection cap

Protective cap bronze

Cleaning brush

Cleaning brush


AA battery

Zipper pouch



Replace your brush every three months for skin that feels like new

Your precious skin deserves the best possible treatment. So we recommend replacing the brush with a new one every three months to restore performance.
Find the right brush

Replacement parts

Find Braun FaceSpa 851 replacement parts.

Use instructions

Download Braun FaceSpa 851 use instructions (PDF)

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Your Location:Norway

1 April, 2020


My bad that I did not do my research before buying in advance. I bought it and when I opened the box, I noticed it is not rechargeable and the quality of the product (material) felt so cheap. Packed it again and return it....It is not possible to run such a product with Battery...I would buy it if it had cord AND was just facial epilator...and NOT face washing brush....Make it and I buy it...

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The Braun Team

Review response:

We'll be sure to pass your feedback onto our design team. If you'd like to share more with our team, please give us a call at (800) 272-8611.

3 April, 2020


Your Location:Vilnius

9 Dec, 2018

Face cleaner doesn't rotate, just vibrate

Face cleaner doesn't rotate, just vibrate, while previous version cleaner was rotating, so we are returning the product. And super bad and inconvenient control button, it's the disaster. Previous model was much better, but it is broken now.

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Response from Braun

Review response:

We're very sorry to hear your purchase didn't live up to the Braun standards we pride ourselves on. Please be assured that we'll be passing this along to our team but in the meantime, we'd like to learn a bit more. Since your loyalty and satisfaction means everything to us, could you please give us a call at (800) 272-8611?<!--[if ReviewResponse]><![endif]-->

10 Dec, 2018


Your Location:Tx

16 Dec, 2017

Breaks the hair

I bought it around 2 years back and used it only 5-6 times. It breaks the hair at the skin so the hair doesn't come out from the roots. I still saved this facial epilator as it is so expensive. I started to get coarse grey hair. So, I took it out last week to give it another try as I am not getting a good facial wax, but the epilator is dead! I wasted my money.

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The Braun Team

Review response:

This certainly isn't the Braun experience we'd expect and we want to help. We do want to let you know that when epilating the face, you must use the facial head or cap. Be sure to stretch the skin with one hand and slowly guide the epilator with your other hand against the directionof hair growth. Also, check to make sure the epilator isn't clogged. The head should be cleaned after every use. Lastly, be sure to replace the batteries as this device will require a new one about every month or so depending on use. Please give us a call at (800) 272-8611 if you're still having trouble after trying these tips. We'd be more than happy to help you further.

27 Dec, 2017

Timeless mom

Your Location:Chicago

23 June, 2017

Excellent Product

I have been using this product for over 2 years. I really like the epilator for my face (eyebrows, above lip) It makes the removal very easy. The face brush it is very nice and the sonic motion does help remove all impurities. The only thing I would wish is that Braun makes a charging station. The batteries while it last a long time it is a bit inconvenient to constantly change them if you use the brush all the time. My skin feels very cleasn and fresh.

Yes, I recommend this product !

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Your Location:australia

18 Sep, 2016

Battery compartment a big issue

As for the other reviewer, the battery lid is a huge let down! It was always difficult to open but now is un-useable so the device is effectively useless. Would infinitely prefer device to be rechargeable.

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