Series 7 7071cc Wet & Dry shaver with SmartCare center and 1 attachment, silver.

(83)4.71 / 595% recommended
  • Electric razor with 360° adaptation for a smooth shave, even in tricky areas
  • AutoSense technology reads and adapts power to beard density. Shaving even dense beards
  • Included: 4in1 SmartCare Center, Precision Trimmer attachment
  • Li-Ion Battery for up to 3 weeks of shaving (50 min). 5 min quick charge for one full shave
  • 100% waterproof electric razor for Wet & Dry use
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360° Flex

A smooth shave, even in tricky areas.

The 360° Flex head adapts to deliver maximum contact for a smoother shave, even in tricky areas.

Autosense technology

The shaver reads and adapts to your beard density, removing hairs in every stroke.

Upgrade with EasyClick

Upgrade your shaver for more grooming needs. Includes a Precision Trimmer attachment for moustache and sideburns trimming.

Easy to handle

The new ergonomic handle enables an effortless shave with simple, one way movement.

Longer Lasting Li-Ion Battery

1 full charge provides up to 3 weeks' worth of shaving. 5 min quick charge is sufficient for 1 full shave.

100% waterproof for Wet & Dry use

Designed to shave dry, with foam, gel and in the shower.

Engineered in Germany

Our products are made to last: We offer 2 years warranty and up to 10 years repair service.

What's in the box

Series 7 70 Silver We&Dry

Series 7 70 silver Wet & Dry

Precision trimmer attachment

Travel case

Travel case

SmartCare Center

SmartCare Center

Cleaning cartridge

Cleaning cartridge (1x)


Cleaning brush

Cleaning brush


High performance foils & cutter blocks

Get back 100% shaving performance.

Find the right foil & cutter block

Clean & Charge refills

Find the right Clean & Charge refill

Replacement parts

Find Series shaver replacement parts

Use instructions

Download Series shaver use instructions

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Your Location:Moyie Springs, Idaho

12 May, 2020

The Best Shaver I have ever used.

Over the past 30 years I have tried so many electric shavers. I do mean many, and all different brands. With the S7 7071cc I finally have a shaver that eliminates my manual razor. My wife is getting tired of hearing me say: "I love my Braun Flex shaver" every morning. I cannot get over the closeness of my shave. Just perfect. Thanks Braun. I love my Braun Flex shaver!!!!!

Yes, I recommend this product !

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Your Location:CT

7 Jan, 2020

Best stylish shaver ever

It looks really good and very light weight with a very stylish look.I really enjoyed using it for my daily shaving would definitely recommend to my family and friends.

Yes, I recommend this product !

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Your Location:chicago IL

7 Jan, 2020

Great Shaver System!

I recently tried the Braun Shaver 7071cc System and really like it! It is easy to use & gives a great shave! I like that it can be used either wet or dry and comes with a cleaning center that hygienically cleans your razor after each use!

Yes, I recommend this product !

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Your Location:Iowa

5 Jan, 2020

It's not bad, but not for me.

I received a free Braun Shaver 7071cc System Silver US to try. After using this razor for a couple weeks, and comparing it to my old rotary razor, I'm really on the fence. On the one hand, it feels nice in my hand, it works well, and the cleaning base is really convenient. It does the job it needs to do, with a couple extra perks on the side. The battery meter is a well-appreciated luxury. The cleaning base was effective, if a bit overly-fragrant and loud. The cleaning solution also left a pleasant smell. You do have to kind of tap the cleaning solution out of the head or it will take hours to dry in the base, though. It does have some drawbacks that are just inherent to this type of razor, primarily the vibration, noise, and lack of precision. I don't fault it for those, but I also wouldn't take it over my old razor because of those. Two issues it had that weren't inherent to the type of razor it is, though; pulling hair and difficulty manually cleaning. This thing pulled hair left and right- I don't know if I just don't have correct technique, but my rotary shaver with two-year-old blades has never pulled a hair as long as I've used it. It may be a minor complaint to lump in, but the complexity of the head on this shaver doesn't allow you to manually brush it out very well, almost necessitating the cleaning base, but you're out of luck if that stops doing the job for you. All in all I wouldn't say not to get it, just be sure it's the type of shaver you want, and you know and accept the potential issues it may give you.

Yes, I recommend this product !

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Your Location:Maryland

3 Jan, 2020

A good, solid shaver!

The Braun Shaver 7071cc System Silver US is better than other similar products I've tried before. Is it the best razor out there, no but it was very easy to use, provided a good close shave and was amazingly quiet to operate. The razor was comfortable to hold, really quiet and cleaned up very easily. I liked the pivoting head and the available attachments that allowed me to get a tight trim on my beard and look good all in short time and with no mess in the morning. I was not aware of the Braun Shaver 7071cc System Silver US before but I would by one again if this one ever wears out and would recommend it to others looking for an electric razor.

Yes, I recommend this product !

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