Series 7 7071cc Wet & Dry shaver with SmartCare center and 1 attachment, silver.

(91)4.54 / 590% recommended
  • Electric razor with 360° adaptation for a smooth shave, even in tricky areas
  • AutoSense technology reads and adapts power to beard density. Shaving even dense beards
  • Included: 4in1 SmartCare Center, Precision Trimmer attachment
  • Li-Ion Battery for up to 3 weeks of shaving (50 min). 5 min quick charge for one full shave
  • 100% waterproof electric razor for Wet & Dry use
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360° Flex

A smooth shave, even in tricky areas.

The 360° Flex head adapts to deliver maximum contact for a smoother shave, even in tricky areas.

Autosense technology

The shaver reads and adapts to your beard density, removing hairs in every stroke.

Upgrade with EasyClick

Upgrade your shaver for more grooming needs. Includes a Precision Trimmer attachment for moustache and sideburns trimming.

Easy to handle

The new ergonomic handle enables an effortless shave with simple, one way movement.

Longer Lasting Li-Ion Battery

1 full charge provides up to 3 weeks' worth of shaving. 5 min quick charge is sufficient for 1 full shave.

100% waterproof for Wet & Dry use

Designed to shave dry, with foam, gel and in the shower.

Engineered in Germany

Our products are made to last: We offer 2 years warranty and up to 10 years repair service.

What's in the box

Series 7 70 Silver We&Dry

Series 7 70 silver Wet & Dry

Precision trimmer attachment

Travel case

Travel case

SmartCare Center

SmartCare Center

Cleaning cartridge

Cleaning cartridge (1x)


Cleaning brush

Cleaning brush


High performance foils & cutter blocks

Get back 100% shaving performance.

Find the right foil & cutter block

Clean & Charge refills

Find the right Clean & Charge refill

Replacement parts

Find Series shaver replacement parts

Use instructions

Download Series shaver use instructions

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Your Location:New Mexico

19 Oct, 2020

So much hope. So little result

Bought this for my aging father who has difficult shaving due to his arthritic hands. Leaving him with multiple nicks. He has never cared for electric razors as his beard is like ‘shaving nails” according to him. I had hoped technology had come along enough that electric might be a good alternative to regular blade shaving. Sadly, that is not the case. He was not able to cut through his neck hair with this razor. He never noticed any difference in speed. May have to return it. Very sad.

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Braun Team

Review response:

Your father deserves a great shave, and we expect him to get what he deserves with our Series7. Technology has come a long way in the Braun department helping hundreds and thousands of consumers with their shaving needs along the way. As people age, their hair becomes more wire-like and is more difficult to cut. To get the best shave with his 7071, we suggest him to get his beard wet with warm water and shaving foam to soften the hair, then taut the skin and shave from a 90-degree angle in the opposite direction of hair growth. We want to learn more about his experience. Have him give us at 800-272-8611.

20 Oct, 2020


Your Location:Mumbai, India

14 Oct, 2020

Excellent shave, no skin burn, no neglected spots

Just got the Braun new design series 7. I find it better than the series 9 shaver which I used for more than 2 years now and before that i had the old series 7 for many years. The body of the new series 7 is easier to hold. Less strain felt in the hands while shaving. The new head movement seems to cover all areas of the face, chin and neck. I’m not sure but I feel that it is a little quieter than the previous shavers. In all i would get this over the series 9 because of its sheer comfort.

Yes, I recommend this product !

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Your Location:Denver, Colorado

15 Sep, 2020

This product was terrible.

I bought this razor because I wasn’t getting a very good shave with my Norelco razor. I have used it for 3 weeks and i have gotten a much worse shave than with my 2 year old Norelco. I usually dry shave, but I even tried it with shaving gel and it was worse. I am extremely unsatisfied to spend this much on a razor and such bad results.

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Your Location:Pennsylvania

10 Sep, 2020

Poor performance and false advertisement

This product is very loud and does not shave as close as advertised. Information on the operation and cleaning procedures that is provided is vague. I returned the product using their money back guarantee which is very misleading. They do not reimburse your credit card instead they tell you they will send you a gift card and will take 6-8 weeks to arrive. It still hasn't arrived after 8 weeks and told to keep checking with them on a weekly basis. Disappointed with Braun.

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Your Location:Canada

2 Sep, 2020

It’s okay

The shaver is okay but not as good quality as my Phillips 9000 series don’t like you can’t charge in the cleaning system with out having it clean the shaver you have to unplug the cord then charge the shaver super annoying think the price is to high for the shaver it says you can have different click on things but they are not available anywhere will be returning

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