Wet vs. Dry Shaving with an Electric Razor

Building a shaving routine comes with many decisions, such as what razor works best for you, what level of maintenance you want to commit to, and what method of shaving to try.  
If you use an electric razor, you likely have another decision to make: should I try wet shaving or dry shaving? Each shaving method comes with its own benefits and drawbacks. Knowing what works best for your lifestyle can help guide your decision making.  
Take a look at what wet shaving and dry shaving entail, plus how an electric shaver is beneficial for either shaving method.  

What Is Wet Shaving?  

Like the name implies, wet shaving refers a method of shaving with a blade—often a disposable or cartridge razor—in combination with water and shaving cream or gel.  

Pros of Wet Shaving

The wet shaving method has many benefit, such as:  
• A closer shave – When you use the wet shaving method, you experience a closer shave than with dry shaving because the lubrication from water or shaving cream can bring the blade closer to the skin.

• A smooth, clean feeling – There is no need to worry about stray hairs when you wet shave because the residue and cut hairs are rinsed away. 

Cons of Wet Shaving

Like any routine, following a wet shaving practice may have downsides, such as that it: 
• Requires time – Unlike with dry shaving, wet shaving can take more time to do because you must create a lather with your cream or gel, then shave, then clean up. 

• Has a learning curve – If you haven’t tried wet shaving before, such as more traditional techniques involving straight razors and shaving brushes, it’s possible for wet shaving to take longer since you may be working with tools new to you. 

What Is Dry Shaving?

In the same way that wet shaving applies to a technique where the skin is wet while shaving, dry shaving includes a technique where shaving is done without water. Dry shaving is usually done with an electric shaver that uses foil or rotary method to feed the hair into the cutting device while protecting the skin from direct contact with a blade. Like wet shaving, dry shaving isn’t for everyone and may have strengths as a shaving technique as well as weaknesses.  

Pros of Dry Shaving

Those exploring the idea of dry shaving may find the following benefits helpful. 
• It’s quick to do – If you have a busy schedule or can’t make the time for a full wet shaving routine, dry shaving allows you to shave quickly without the cleanup. 

• It’s a convenient technique – With dry shaving, all you really need is a razor and your skin to complete the shave.  

The less close shave can be comfortable for some – Depending on your skin’s sensitivity, a dry shave may not only be faster, but it could allow for less irritation since the blade is not as close to the skin as it is when wet shaving.  

• Protects skin from nicks and cuts – When using an electric razor to dry shave, the razor creates a barrier between the skin and the blade, making it less likely that nicks and cuts will occur. 

Cons of Dry Shaving

The practice of dry shaving may have some less-desirable elements, such as that it:  
• Not as close of a shave – Because the razor does not get as close to the skin when dry shaving as when wet shaving, you may need to shave more frequently to keep your look up to date. 

• Could cause skin irritation – Some types of razors like straight razors or cartridge razors are less than ideal for dry shaving and can lead you to develop razor burn, razor bumps and ingrown hairs. 

Razors vs. Electric Shaving for Wet and Dry Shaving 

Not all razors are created equally, and this holds true for both traditional razors and electric razors. Some razors, such as straight razors, are ideal for wet shaving and would cause nicks and cuts if used for dry shaving. Cartridge razors are also more suited for wet shaving, but they can be costly to use since they have to be replaced often.  
Electric razors have traditionally been useful for dry shaving, but new technology has made them more adaptive than ever for both wet and dry shaving. An electric shaver offers both versatility and a shaving experience you can trust no matter what technique you try. Plus, using an electric shaver can be cost-effective since the shaving heads last longer than some traditional razors, like a cartridge razor.

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