Face tapping technique based on Japanese beauty secrets

Inspired by Japanese skincare practice

Inspired by Japanese skincare practice where gentleness is at the core of the daily routine, the non-absorbing MicroVibration head on the Braun FaceSpa Pro provides a micro-vibration effect on the skin and a gentle tapping. It is designed to be used with your daily creams or serums. The MicroVibration head helps for better application of your products and helps for enhanced skin appearance.

MicroVibration for enhanced skin appearance*

The MicroVibration head provides an ultra-delicate, high-speed, pulsating motion and adapts to the facial contours. It has two intensity modes for different needs and it can even be used if the device is turned off for a pleasant cooling sensation on your skin.

*for better application of skincare products

Braun FaceSpa Pro is a 3in1 facial beauty device designed for salon beauty at home with a combination of benefits.

The MicroVibration head is a slim metal toning head for better application of your creams and serums. Get radiant, purified skin and an enhanced skin appearance. The non-absorbing metal toning head helps you to apply your creams or serums without wasting your precious product.

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Radiant Skin

Precise epilation removes 4x shorter hair than wax.

Purified Skin

Gentle cleansing, dermatologist tested.

Enhanced Skin Appearance

Ultra-gentle tapping for better application of your skin-care product.

Ultra-delicate tapping motions designed to vitalize skin.

Begin tapping at the chin, gently tapping up your face with the Braun FaceSpa Pro. The ultra-delicate high-speed tapping motions are designed to vitalize your skin. With 25 taps per second, Braun FaceSpa Pro is much faster than manual tapping. And 4 personalized settings allow to adjust the intensity and the speed.