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A generation of epilators

Epilation has developed rapidly in recent years. From the first devices that helped bring women a daily hair-removal solution, to the modern devices that work even in the bath and shower, epilators are becoming more and more all-round! Braun epilators such as the latest Silk-épil Flex with the world’s 1st fully flexible head is another step in beauty technologies to make you ready for anything!

Have you had a painful experience with older epilation devices?

Maybe your old epilator from 10 or 15 years ago? Or are you still using your Mom’s old device? Why make smooth skin harder than it has to be? Braun’s technology has been developing so much over the years, that it brings several completely updated technologies – waterproof systems, wider heads for faster hair removal, massage rollers for sensitive areas and a pivoting head that adapts to your curves. It is a completely way of thinking about hair removal.

The World’s 1st Smart epilator: SensoSmart™ for perfect first-time results.

Braun’s generation of epilators include SensoSmart™ technology, putting expert guidance in your hands. 

An intelligent sensor guides your epilation, ensuring the right amount of pressure is applied and removing even more hair in one stroke. A red light signals that you are pushing too hard, and prompts you to adjust your handling for more efficient epilation. 

Too much pressure

Good amount of pressure

Tips and tricks for how to epilate

To help make the experience as comfortable as possible, it is advisable to epilate in the evening. Take a bath or warm shower, start with the legs and end with the bikini zone and armpits – they’re the most sensitive areas of the body and likely to be the most uncomfortable. You need to find a sequence that suits you for your hair removal routine. Take your time, relax and make sure you use an epilator that’s waterproof so you can use it in the water. 

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