Younger looking skin with the Deep Massage Pad

Why is skin beautiful?

Our skin is our surface towards the world. Smooth, firm, rosy skin signals health and youth - it is what most of us see as beautiful skin.

The problem of loose and dull skin

As we go through life, our skin goes with us. Our skin is our biggest organ, and we need to take care of it from the inside and out. The classic suggestions are to improve skin appearance are ample hydration, healthy eating, and enough sleep. You can also try physical improvements from the outside, like improved circulation through massages and using cremes, serums or oils.

Firmer-feeling skin through better circulation.

Let us focus on what goes on under the surface and discover how we can help our skin with what happens there. One of the most efficient ways to improve blood circulation is massaging your skin. Here you can see the effect.

The Skin Vitalizing Pad delivers a gentle massage for younger looking skin.

The gentle way to improve circulation is using the Braun FaceSpa with the Skin Vitalizing Pad. Subtle yet effective, it will leave your skin with a “clean feel, like after a visit to the beautician”. 

The deep massage pad helps to improve skin appearance.

Braun Silk-épil Flex Beauty Set features a great innovation in beauty technology: the Deep Massage Pad. With thousands of micro-vibrations it massages your skin noticeably firmer than a standard body brush and lets you enjoy a fresh “skin-workout” feeling after use. The improved blood circulation helps to visibly improve skin appearance.

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