Basic knowledge about hair removal and epilation

About hair removal and epilation

Epilators are electrical devices, which are used to temporarily remove body hair directly from the follicle. Electronic tweezers are used to remove unwanted hair from legs, underarms, arms, bikini area, face or other body areas. Like waxing or tweezing, the hair is removed from the root for a long-lasting result. 

What is special about Braun’s SensoSmart™ technology?

Advanced technologies, like the Braun SensoSmart™ provide a more enjoyable experience for the user through the smart guidance system. 
Some users might be afraid of using an epilator because they are afraid they might damage their skin, but that is not the case. For example, Braun’s SensoSmart™ technology flashes with a red light to help guide you to the optimum pressure to use while epilating. This gives you feedback about the pressure you need to apply for the optimum efficiency. You really cannot go wrong with it. People often think they need to push harder with the epilator than with a razor or other methods and that is actually not the case. Using too much pressure is actually less effective. With the SensoSmart™ technology you get constant feedback with the red light that signals as you epilate, so you don’t push too hard. 

Why does an epilator with a pivoting head provide a better experience for the user

Women have curves and certain areas of the body are curvier than others like ankles, knees, armpits and the bikini zone. There’s nothing more effective than a system that hugs the skin and beautifully follows the curves of the body with its pivoting head. 

Does that mean you don’t have to go over the same patch of skin all the time?

Yes. It´s designed to help you catch more hairs so you don´t have to go over the same patch of skin all the time. The pivoting head glides over the skin, so it's in closer contact with the skin surface - and that's true even in tricky areas like the back of the knees. It is combined with the SensoSmart™ technology, to help guide you for the right pressure to catch even more hairs in one stroke. 

Epilator, Silk·épil 9 Flex, Beauty Set

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