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Discover a shave that's smooth, close,
and gentle.

series 9

Series 9

The World's Most
Efficient Shaver.¹

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series 7

Series 7

360° flex for a close shave
even in tricky areas.

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Series 6

Dermatologically tested for less skin irritation.

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Series 5

Clean, close shave with
EasyClean allowing you to clean
your shaver without removing
the head.

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Series 3

3 pressure sensitive shaving
elements that allow for a clean,
close shave.

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Get a clean, close shave,

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Find the electric shaver that's right for you.

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Perfect ergonomics

Easy to handle.

Braun shavers are designed to fit in your hand naturally and intuitively. *features vary by model.

Easy to maintain and clean.

Easy to maintain and clean.

Braun's Clean & Charge Station automatically maintains your shaver for maximum performance. The alcohol-based solution removes germs, lubricates the cutting elements and charges the shaver. *features vary by model.

AutoSense Technology

AutoSense Technology.

Our unique AutoSense Technology reads the thickness of your beard and adjusts the power of the shaver's motor to its thickness. *features vary by model.

series9-Shaver series9-Shaver

Introducing the Series 9.

World’s most efficient shaver. Exceptionally gentle. 1

The 5 shaving elements capture more hair in one stroke for a flawless shave. Series 9 shavers are made in Germany with premium craftsmanship.

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