Best Hair Removal Products for Different Skin and Hair Types

Finding the best hair removal method for your skin and hair tone can be a daunting task. However, there are many options out there that make hair removal easy. Two hair removal products on the market, epilators and intense pulsed light (IPL) devices, may work for you, but knowing the differences between the two devices will help guide your decision on which to use.  
Explore what makes IPL devices and epilators unique, plus which skin and hair tones get the best results from each device. 

About IPL Devices

An IPL device uses pulsating light on targeted areas of the body, which makes the hair go into a resting phase and fall out. The light targets certain colors on the skin, such as the color of hair. Using the device over time will lead to the hair growing less in that area and smooth skin for longer.

The Braun Silk·expert Pro 5 is safe and effective to use on many areas of the body, such as:  

• Legs 
• Arms 
• Underarms 
• Bikini area 
• On the face below the cheekbone 

With visible hair reduction in just four weeks and three comfort modes for even the most sensitive areas, the Braun Silk·expert Pro 5 is considered skin safe by Skin Health Alliance, a leading international skin health organization working with dermatologists and scientists.

Skin Types That Work Best With IPLs

Although IPLs work effectively on many different skin tones, they work better on some skin tones than others because they target melanin, the natural pigments found in skin and hair. Take a look at the types of hair color and skin tone combinations that work best with an IPL device.

Dark Hair, Medium Skin 

If your skin tone is medium and the hair you want to remove is dark, an IPL device will work well as it will detect areas with hair and target it with light pulses.  

Dark Hair, Fair Skin 

Having fair skin and dark hair you want to remove means you may want to opt for something longer lasting than shaving. An IPL device is perfect for light skin tones with dark hair because it targets the hair without damaging skin.  

Sensitive Skin

For those who have sensitive skin and may feel discomfort from other hair removal methods, an IPL device may be ideal since the light pulses are gentle on skin when removing hair. The typical irritation experienced when shaving or waxing is a thing of the past when an IPL device is used.  
Take a look at the chart below to see if your hair and skin tone is a good fit for the IPL device. 

Skin tones & Body hair type chart: 

About Epilators

An epilator uses what looks like a series of tweezers on a spinning wheel to pull hair from the root when the device is rolled up and down the skin. Rather than leaving behind blunt hair tips, like shaving on the surface of skin does, an epilator fully removes hair – even below the surface of the skin, making it an effective way to remove hair for smooth skin. 

With a fully flexible head and waterproof capabilities, the Silk·épil 9 Flex epilator includes a cleansing brush that provides gentle care for delicate skin, as well as attachments to remove hair in sensitive places, like the face and bikini area.

Skin Types That Work Best With Epilators

Although not completely painless, using an epilator can keep skin smoother longer than other hair removal methods, and it can be helpful for most hair and skin types, such as:  
• Light hair with fair skin 
• Dark skin 
• Red hair 
• Gray hair 
• Dark hair with medium skin 
Because IPL devices target melanin, fair skin tones with light hair do not contain enough melanin for the light energy in an IPL to effectively target and inhibit growth. Likewise, IPLs may not be safe for dark skin tones, and the IPL skin tone sensor may make using it ineffective in the first place. For those with fair skin and light hair or dark skin tones, an epilator would be a better, safer hair removal method. 

Find the epilator that is right for you.

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