The perfect gift for her

A gift she‘ll love

The look she wants1

Endless beauty from head to toe

Epilation for Face & Body, Lady Shave

Female Hair Removal.

Up to 4 weeks of smooth skin for Legs, Face and body

Braun Silk-épil 9

From the world’s NO.1 brand1 in female electric hair removal

$ 129.99
Silk-expert IPL

The safest IPL technology2 for permanent visible hair removal.

$ 399.00
Braun Face

World’s 1st cleansing, epilation, and vitalizing device for flawless beauty.

$ 89.99
Silk-épil Lady Shaver

For skin that’s smooth and radiant.

$ 59.99
Silk-épil bikini styler

Reveal your creativity. Precisely trim and style your bikini zone.

$ 24.99

1July ’15-June’16 volume share, leading market research institutes.
2shared technology with Cyden.

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