The Revival of the Mustache

The Revival of the
The mustache is back, looking fresh and cool again; some men just pull of them off so naturally!

Are you a mustache kind of guy? Be brave and let it grow! The mustache comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. The easiest way to decide which one will suit your face shape is to get inspired by other mustache wearers.

How to get a perfectly
styled styled mustache

Step by step guide

Let it grow

Before letting the trimmer loose on your face, grow out your mustache to a desired length. First time users take care, all your hard work can be ruined with one slip of the hand! Use the trimmer with caution.


Set the correct length on your trimmer. Choose a setting a little longer than your desired mustache length, especially if you are trying out a new style. Trim your mustache against the direction of growth.


Once satisfied with the length of your mustache, remove the trimmer head and clean it. Wipe off any loose hairs on your upper lip. Take the trimmer gently to the top of your mustache in precise short movements, try to remove any hairs that stick out.


Style your mustache with wax and be sure to keep it trimmed, aim for every 2-3 days.

Who can get away with a mustache?

Even and thick hair growth is a basic requirement for a good mustache. Thinner hair often appears uneven and weak. Men with a long and thin face shape suit a mustache as it widens the appearance of the face. Those with a thinner chin should give the mustache a try as it can balance out the narrowness of the face.