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series 9 pro

Say goodbye to
your 7day beard

Say goodbye to your 7day beard

pro lift trimmer

A close shave With ProLift trimmer to capture tough hairs

pro lift trimmer

Smart display to track your shaver

pro lift trimmer

Anywhere & anytime No plug, cream or
water required

pro lift trimmer

First ever PowerCase 60 minute runtime, and 6 full
weeks of charge with the PowerCase

pro lift trimmer

Grab comfort with iconic
ergonomic handle


Smarter than your toughest hairs.

The ProLift Trimmer captures even the most challenging hairs with a design that lifts and cuts long, tough hairs with every stroke.


Cuts through a 1, 3, or 7 day beard with ease.

The Series 9 Pro features an innovative ProHead–5 synchronized shaving elements working together to capture more hair.


Helps to gently capture more hair.

Braun’s unique 10,000 micro-vibrations help the shaver to capture more hair and glide gently across your skin.


For a closer shave in tricky areas.

The newly redesigned Precision Switch locks the shaver head for maximum shaving control and a close shave in tricky areas—like the neck or under the nose.

NEW ProLift Trimmer NEW ProLift Trimmer

ProLift Trimmer

5 Shaving Elements 5 Shaving Elements

5 Shaving Elements

Unique Sonic Technology Unique Sonic Technology

Unique Sonic Technology

Precision Switch Precision Switch

Precision Switch

powercase icon 6 weeks

The power of our

Upgrade to the world’s first ever PowerCase. This portable charging case comes with your Series 9 Pro. This portable charging case gives you +50% battery for up to 6 weeks so you can shave wherever, whenever.

*vs. Braun Series 9

power case
fresh fresh

Fresh shaver.
Fresh shaves.

Our unique SmartCare Center gives you 5 benefits at the touch of a button.


Hygienic Cleaning


Automatic Charging


Fully Dried After
45 Mins


Blade Lubrication


Smart Programs

From Luxe to Deluxe
Series 9 Pro + PowerCase + 5in1 SmartCare Center

The Series 9 Pro cuts through 7 day beards with ease. Keep it clean, charged, and ready to take you from bearded to babyfaced with our Deluxe Shaving Kit.


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german flag

100% made in Germany Manufactured and engineered in Germany. The home of good design.

7 years durability

Designed to last up to 7 years Made from premium materials. Braun products are built to last.


Skin Health Alliance Fully accredited for skin safety by the
Skin Health Alliance

Unbox the next level of shaving.

power case



Braun Series 9
Pro shaver

smart center

SmartCare Center

smart plug


clean brush

Cleaning brush

refill cartridge

Cleaning Center
refill cartridge

Go Inside the Series 9 Pro

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Discover your flawless shave

series 9 pro series 9 pro
Series 9 Pro with
Our most advanced shaver with the world's first ever PowerCase
Our most advanced shaver with the world's first ever PowerCase
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Series 9 Pro

Series 9 Pro

7 day

Cutting performance

7 day

ProLift trimmer


Synchronized shaving elements


Cutting actions per minute


World's first PowerCase

not included
series 9 series 9
Series 9 Pro
World’s most efficient electric shaver. Exceptionally gentle to skin.

*Tested vs. leading premium tier products

World’s most efficient* shaver. Exceptionally gentle to skin.

*Tested vs. leading premium tier products

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